Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rainbow Deluxe - Long Live Rock 'n' Roll

This is Rainbow's Long Live Rock 'n' Roll Deluxe Edition double cd.

If you are prepared to continue reading this post, you will surely know how much this album means to you. The content and packaging of this double cd for me is worth it to buy again this album.
Rainbow songs colour my whole life, I guess its true for some of you too.

An album that got everything from fast and heavy to slow and sadness, from the evil mystic of Gates of Babylon to the sorrow of lost love of Rainbow Eyes.
The very last time Ritchie Blackmore, Cozy Powell and Ronnie James Dio create magic together.
On this album the bass player is Bob Daisley, who after this formed up Blizzard Of Ozz with Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads and then continue with other famous names bands.

For many of you reading this, how many hundreds? possibly thousand times you have listen and singalong to KILL THE KING, Gates Of Babylon, the title track, and Rainbow Eyes. Plus others like Sensitive to Light, the shed, LA connection, and Lady of the Lake.

So my one liner on CD1 that we all know so well. " Still as awesome, exciting, devilly, and tragic and beautiful and wonderfully brilliant music , but now remastered and louder ", so I can listen better :-)

So next CD2. Total of 14 songs.
Rough Mixes of the seven songs excluding Gates Of Babylon.
The rough mixes of LLRnR is not really rare with bootlegs and as even youtube has it way before this, but this is the first time its released officially.
- Gates of Babylon is not included because it was not written and finished when the rough mix was done.
- Rainbow Eyes is completely different because it was re-recorded, and the finished product is one of the most beautiful song ever.

Shepperton Film Studios Rehearsal is rehearsal in preparation for a tour.
- Long Live Rock N Roll has already transformed into a complete extended live monster.
- Kill The King on this version is bass-heaven.

Don Kirshner's Rock Concert is I think using of studio tracks with Dio singing live
I think its for some tv show total of 5 songs with 2 outtakes.

The booklet has a long essay and thick with lots of nice photos. Telling the story of the musical chairs of Rainbow, Tony Carey story is in the booklet, I never knew LA Connection was written on his escape and departure from the band from the evil cluthes of Blackmore's pranks haha.
Really interesting to read about all the evilness and horror and ghostly and satanic situation they encounter during recording session in this French studio.

its a good read that makes the hair on my neck stand actually.

MENYERAMKAN BILA MANUSIA CARIK PASAL NGAN MAKHLUK HALUS NGAN PANGGIL2 DAN BORAK2 NGAN DORANG. " MY NAME IS BAAL ". Kecoh sey...ni kira cam budak2 main Spririt Of The Coin gitu la. Jangan weii...kalo spirit tu teka underwear korang nye warna betul, baru korang tahu its not laughing matter anymore...mampos korang kejong tak boleh tido malam dah. 


Unknown said...

syoknya jika simpan dan belek, sambil kenang memori berkait :)

Skudal said...

pergh... dabel CD tu!

Dr. Bentara said...

terbaikkkkkk DIO!!!!

Rafi said...

Diorang pun berani panggil antu eh..rock antu nama nya ni..hehe

Adi Herman said...

Ngeri jugak masa pembikinan lagu Gates Of Babylon tu...siap bawak bomoh tu masuk studio hahaha...demon nama Baal ni memang ada dalam kes Emily Rose...sama gak dgn Belial

berteromber said...

booklet dia yang jeles nengok tu...banding ngan booklet sekeping cd asal...

Anonymous said...

ape sbrnye ek professsion encik deaf ni???

deaf said...

Keeja biasa je, tapi aku kerja shift, pagi petang malam, off and rest days on wkdays.. Of course kadang2 long wkend off. Kerja skarang la.

Kalau takde keeja karang lain kali, aku sambil carik kerja baru aku buat la apa kerja ada janji ada duit, jadi security guard ke hapa ke.

So its not proffesion i guess, its more of a job. Haha

Anonymous said...

keje ape pun janji halal...

deaf said...

Very true. There was news of this fellow, and really he got a Malay sounding name, he was charged in court, he got jailed and i rhink a crazy amount of caning amount, because he works for the along to vandalise people's home. Few of the homes are muslims.
And you know what? He mix red paint with pigs liver. I was like, alamak brader, ni dah macam sial kan perangai...
To work with along is wrong, to throw red paint is wrong, to mix it with pigs liver on muslims homes.
I think he kena 21 strokes rotan. Abis la his bontot. He is 41.

WanBeruas said...

hahaha frankly bro wa pernah keja jadi guard dedulu...selalu takut2 time keja syif malam..bukan takut perompak tapi takut antu...caiitt!!!

WanBeruas said...

hahaha frankly bro wa pernah keja jadi guard dedulu...selalu takut2 time keja syif malam..bukan takut perompak tapi takut antu...caiitt!!!