Friday, January 4, 2013

roxette travelling

Dari Rausyanfikir ke Roxette.

Per and Marie are over 52 years of age but maybe they are now better than ever,
and Marie is an inspiration really. She is still working hard for her living, and performing as usual even though she is now blind on her right eye due to her illness.
I still remember in the mid-2000s, its like Roxette is dead forever. Marie was going thru and recovering from some serious medical conditions and Per is doing solo albums.

Then a few years back they reunited for a European tour and I hunt all the Roxette fan websites to get news, downloading whatever fans-recording bootlegs I can get my hands on, as usual fan-recording bootlegs varies in quality but I still love them all.

Then, a new album, world tour and I FINALLY SAW THEM PLAY LIVE. Per and Marie is awesome live with a great band playing along with them. The electric guitar player is rockin on stage. Every song is great and even though a number of my favourite songs was not played, I have no complains as no matter what setlist they play, it will be an entertaining one what with the humongous selections of great songs they have.
I had blog my experience and upload the full audio bootleg of that show and also my youtube channel still have the full show bootleg.

So this is Roxette - Travelling. Songs from studios, stages, hotel rooms and other strange places.

Released sometime after the 6th March, Singapore Indoor Stadium show. But I only got it now.

Fabulous, catchy, fast, slow, melodic, cheerful, gloomy, entertaining , haunting, happy, sad, hook laden aplenty, nice instrumental sections, time changes, happening, beautiful lyrics of new songs and reworked obscure old songs and a Per Gessle solo song now sung by Marie.

- Me & You & Terry & Julie, Lover Lover Lover, Touched By The Hand Of God, Easy Way Out, Its Possible (two versions), Excuse Me Sir Do You Want To Check On Your Wife? are the uptempo ones..

- Turn Of The Tide, Perfect Excuse, Angel Passing, The Weight Of The World , See Me are the slow ones...

- Pers singing lead vocals on Angel Passing especially is so nice... He has such songwriting and lyrical ability.

- Another one is their duet on the sad Weight Of The World.
- Perfect Excuse is a Per solo song, now sung by Marie. Very nice song.

- Lyrics of Touched By The Hands Of God includes the words Charm School. Touched By Hand of God is supposed to be the title song of Charm School album but it was completely removed.
This is such a catchy song with a blockbuster chorus and (a reference to Art Garfunkel) and maybe it shows the strength of Roxette songs that they can use it as they wish for later. And this is from a band who dont even include the song Harley And Indians on their 4cd boxset, maybe too much great songs to choose.

- Its Possible, the first version is so reminding me of Pet Shop Boys.
- Another song that has a nice build up is Excuse Me Sir Do You Want Me To Check On Your Wife?

- Three big songs that we know so well is also included here. Stars ( soundcheck at Dubai ), love the add-on guitar intro now on the song, Live, Stars is transformed.
She's Got Nothing On But The Radio ( live at Rio ), and It Must Have Been Love with some kind of orchestra live from 2009, a not rocking version for me.


Adi Herman said...

I still adore this band after all these years...when i was a little kid back then, songs like "it must have been love", "spending my time" dgn "vulnerable" dah jadi siulan dan favourite songs to sing-a-long with friends. Best la bro lu ada cd ni...respect!

berteromber said...

Nice review...kena cekidot jugak ni...aku dah ketinggalan keretapi...

dilabangiWORLD said...

hi dep pekabor
review yang baik
peminat2 roxete rugi lau x masuk sini

caya lah dep

Saudagar Mimpi ... said...

Caya la...bila baca review Roxette dkt blog ko ni mesti aku ingat dulu ko tulis Roxette ni umpama Heavy Metal band!

darkshahrulez said...

macam ni pnya perfect review org yg x minat pun boleh jadi minat