Tuesday, January 15, 2013

is maiden england releases coming out soon?

A happy day or night for me.
Seems rumours of two different dates of release of Maiden England are being posted.
After all the wait, we now have actual dates, one is about 12 Feb 2013 Amazon Italy, and the other 25 March 2013 CDon.com. It can be wrong, but I think its very near.
I hope Maiden will officially announce the release date soon.
Seems it will be
- double vinyl picture disks ( oo how I love to have these beauties and I saw the Powerslave and Live After Death latest picture discs today on the internet, but unfortunately I can't, I am even considering selling off my X Factor transparent vinyls, the BraveNewWorld vinyls and RIR triple disc vinyls to try to make better afford my plans of backpacking trip to see Maiden in Europe in June this year and save up for tickets if they announced dates in Malaysia and Singapore 2013, if any. ),

- a dvd (and I think it will be a double dvd with history part 3??), officially it was never released on dvd ever. The ones sold everywhere are just unathorised pirated bootlegged of vhs tape transfer or if you are lucky, laser disc transfer.

- a double cd. ( I just hope it will include the encores which were not included on the original videotape ).

When first released, the songs that are on Maiden England were as follows ( this truly yours videotape has already been worn out and fungus attacked ).

as you can see the encores played that tour was not included. The excuse given then were the encores were near similar to Live After Death, and I guess maybe cost is a factor then.

I love Maiden England because 
1) the camera works were nice, and lingering a bit longer on each band member, maybe it being supervised directly by Steve Harris. I remember reading Steve checked Nicko McBrain's camera footages the first night of the Birmingham NEC 1988 after the show and was not happy with the cameraman who was trying to be artistic and Steve was saying an actual Maiden fan may not have any experience but can do a better job of capturing Nicko's drumwork.
I will forever love the Dave Murray footages for Killers
2) choice of songs... still life, Killers, Prisoner..of course 6 songs from Seventh Son of a Seventh Son album and I hope they play Killers and Infinite Dreams live this year.
and the choice of songs on this 25 years release will be better with the complete songs played that night i.e the encores.
3) the sound... even though Bruce Dickinson is seems having a cold?

Now...I am playing the Infinite Dream, Killers, Still Life from First Ten Years, ... All 3 songs coming from Maiden England recordings.
A quick photo shoot...of different formats with Infinite Dreams single content.

I got two of those 7 inch vinyl of Infinite Dream single, one still sealed with the Maiden England patch.
I used to collect Maiden 7 inch singles, very cute and pretty.

Ooo a big question, what cover will it be? is it the same Eddie on bike or the other newer Eddie on a bike also done by Derek Riggs which cause some problems as it was asked to be taken down from Derek's website a few years ago. Ooo doesnt matter, I dont have the photo with me right now....
I think you guys know which one, there are a lot of Eddies on motor bikes artworks, but there was one done by Derek and displayed in his website a few years ago which was never used by Maiden.

lastly this is the montage of photos from the inner flap of the original Maiden England videotape cover.

cant wait.


Adi Herman said...

one of the most anticipated release....haha geng2 fan IM pasti excited psl ni!

Ijau D. Koceng said...

ada missing gap kat tour dates - selepas moscow, sebelum rio...

berteromber said...

Ingat lagi dulu ramai2 geng satu sekolah lepak rumah aku nengok VHS Maiden England ni...tak beli pun...sewa kat kedai video...time tu macam rasa tak nak pulangkan ajer...heheh..

Rafi said...

Wah..ada lagi yg nak rilis?