Monday, October 21, 2013

Belinda Carlise, Bananarama, etc live 19th October 2013 Fort Canning Park Singapore - Retrolicious Reunion

Bananarama nye gitaris main gitar pakai gigi sey.

Review of Retrolicious Reunion 19th October 2013 Fort Canning Park Singapore
with Belinda Carlisle, Rick Astley, Bananarama,

Maybe 5000 crowd or more?
Really love the sloping fields of Fort Canning Park BUKIT LARANGAN which gives a great view from most points.

Surprise, Belinda Carlise was the opening act.
She got with her an electric guitarist, an acoustic guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, a keyboardist and a backup female singer.

A very professional performance by this legendary singer.
No complaints from her on stage about the heat and humidity.
I understand she performed barefoot.
Minimum talk, minimum delays and pauses, just keep playing.

Belinda Carlisle setlist for Retrolicious Fort Canning Singapore 19th October 2013 was
 1) Runaway Horses
2) We Want The Same Thing
3) I Get Weak - She introduce this song by failing to recall the exact year HIAPOE album was released, and saying she dont remember the 80s.
4) Circles In The Sand - starts with a short guitar solo.
5) La Luna - awesome.
6) Summer Rain
7) Leave A Light On - with THAT Beatle's George Harrison guitar solo. This song really got the place going.
8) Heaven Is A Place On Earth - starts with just her and the acoustic guitar, before going electric and ends with guitar solo.

and she exits the stage. Just like that!

A blinder of a performance really, though Circles In The Sand just slows down things. Should have chosen a faster song from any of her solo albums. Or at least "Valentine", now that would be a killer.
About 40minutes, really too short for my liking, but still.
Also, she only play songs from her second and third solo albums.

I got Belinda's performance (and Bananarama's) bootlegged. Happiness.

Rick Astley was second on the bill, well...
His turn gave me a timely break to get some drinks, haha.
It can't be denied he got a most rapturous welcome from the crowd.
he had a lot of things to say too in between songs.
I remember he started with Together Forever, and his last song was Never Gonna Give You Up.
There was one part where, (it seems his set is more than 40 minutes)
he had a sort of a long distance dedication Happy Birthday song sung by the whole crowd for his friend in Ireland whose birthday party he did not attend to be in Singapore.
Also, one of the songs he did was a cover of a tune by Swedish House Mafia, a Sweden electronic group.

Now, during the changeover before Rick Astley start his show. there's some presentation and one of the songs played among the 'retro' songs was
Thunderstruck by ACDC.
Maybe the dj on duty got it wrong? haha.
Imagine ACDC playing Retrolicious next year with a strict 80s and early 90s setlist, now that would be fun. Yes I know its a a most stupid idea ever haha.
Personally I hope it would be Human League with either A-Ha or Alphaville or even Cyndi Lauper?

Bananarama, the closing act, is the surprise of the night for me.
They played slightly more than 40 minutes.
When their guitarist plays guitar with his teeth, you know you're in for a treat.

I think they are quite badly affected by the heat and humidity.
Add to it the spotlights on them. I think its about twice they said they cannot even see the audience and ask for the spotlights to be adjusted..
They had lots of pause between songs to refresh a bit but seems they are having fun on stage.

Bananarama setlist for Retrolicious Fort Canning Singapore 19th October 2013 was
(if I got it correctly from relistening to my bootleg is)

1) Cruel Summer
2) Really Saying' Something (introduced as from 1982 and a favourite of one of their mom)
3) I Want You Back
4) Nathan Jones
5) Robert De Niro's Waiting (a highlight for me)
6) I Heard A Rumour
7) Venus
8) Love In The First Degree
9) Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Say Goodbye - One of the best Football anthem songs ever!!
Love the drummer when they speed up the chorus at the end.

Now hows that for a best of Bananarama setlist ?

So two out of three isnt bad.
Comparing which show I enjoyed more between the recent Anvil+Metallica blockbuster with
Belinda Carlise + Bananarama on Saturday night,
well... lets just say, I still have no appetite to listen to any song from Death Magnetic haha.

p.s expect more avalanche of Belinda Carlisle reviews, because of all her remastered deluxe releases and live in metropolis dvd/cd limited edition version of 500


Ijau D. Koceng said...

<- peminat casual carlisle :)

Adi Herman said...

Baru beberapa hari ni gua layan music video Bananarama - I want you back...perghh zaman gua masih budak lagi masa tu.

berteromber said... masih nyesal tak dapat nengok Richard Marx masa dia turun kat sebelah taman perumahan aku dulu...heheh...

macam biasa deaf...please upload bootleg tu...walaupun ko tak rakam Never Gonna Give You Up...hahaha..

Rafi said...

Bananrama yg paling di ingati masa kecik dulu yg selalu di dengar cruel summer dengan venus je..2 lagu ni kalo tak silap ramai artis cover balik

dilabangiWORLD said...

aku ingat BOAT JE ada Banana dep...
hehehe lagu pun ada gak nama banana erk hihihihi


My lips is sealed. Nice dan best

metal brain asylum said...

alaa...death magnetic not so bad arr. heheh