Friday, October 11, 2013

tshirts "baju raya" galore,- maiden and on the verge of destruction

I re-re-subscribed again to the iron maiden fan club, for another year. I think its quite worth it especially for the magazines, the codes for pre-sale, the forums, a free fc tshirt, etc etc 
though being part of the "rest of the world" always is a target for much more expensive postage.
So, everytime you re-subscribe for another year, you'll get a fanclub tshirt, sort of free as a gift.
So this is the design for 2013. Its already the end of the year, but thats when my access expires every year.

Not bad really, the classic 1988 evil that men do artwork with iron maiden FC curving on the chest level, I guess to tie up to 2013 being a Maiden England theme tour.

Treat myself to some new tshirts to wear to work haha.

Cannot resist this BLOODY Killers tshirt.
Black is always since Ritchie Blackmore!!! so its always nice to go to the opposite sometimes. Though I always love Bon Jovi's Good Guys Dont Always Wear White song haha.

And lastly, 
got myself a Personalised Tshirt of the Strangers In A Strange Land theme.Where No One Is A Stranger. I think thats kind of a nice mesage.

I dont know what to put in for the "Personalised Name or Message" column on the top of the tshirt behinds, so I go for a long one this time haha.

Pai-seh sia, embarrasing, so lets just pixelize it first haha.

Well thats about it....

ooo I've been listening to this double live album for the past few days going to and back from work on the buses and trains...
the classic and legendary On The Verge Of Destruction.

I guess I'll talk cock about it next.

Everytime I listen to X Japan, the more I think Yoshiki is a genius.


berteromber said...

sejeles2 aku ngan tshirt Maiden ko tu...lagi jeles bila nengok cd2 X-Japan tu...arghhh...complete discography eh?..

Ijau D. Koceng said...

nasib baik takilala dah pencen blogging...

deaf-angel said...

Dulu tower rekod kl jual murah haha. Borong.

Adi Herman said...

no....not X Japan....arghh this is truly madness! Best nya...

Rafi said...

Lock n loll bak kata minoru loudness..heheh