Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Live Your Live Be Free Be Free Remastered and Deluxed - Belinda Carlisle

October has shaped up to be a Belinda Carlisle's month. At least for me.
-Remastered and deluxe edition triple disc release of four of her solo albums.
-Deluxe edition of her Live in Metropolis dvd and cd release. I like her autographed photo slotted inside the package.
-Hope to see her play live - her live date is coming soon, but shit I am working evening that day, so I got to beg my colleagues to help me change shift haha. (the trouble with working shifts, you work when people are sleeping, you work when people are resting on weekends and holidays).

Lets open with the Remastered, Deluxe edition of Live Your Live Be Free.
Triple disc, with remastered versions of the original album, plus the single versions, plus the remixes, the awesome b-sides, and a dvd with an interview with Belinda and the music videos.

Plugging to my Audio-Technica headphones for journeys on the noisy buses and trains, this remastered version sounds so fresh. 
The nuances are everywhere. I got a kick picking up things I dont notice before.

Every song on the original release remastered here are great, but I got to say songs like
Do You Feel Like I Feel?, Half The World, You're Nothing Without Me, I PLEAD INSANITY, Emotional Highway, Little Black Book, Love Revolution are simply incredible pop music at its best.
Well that is about most of the album anyway haha. But then World Of Love, and even Loneliness Game are awesome too.
That makes Live Your Life Be Free, the pop single, as the song I like least on this album. Haha. 
Belinda is always about albums. Complete albums, not one or two pop singles.

ok my opionion,
- No George Harrison guitar solos here, but still we got the Beatles feel with the use of a sample from a John Lennon song for one of the intros.
- You're Nothing With Me, I wonder how it will be if Madonna had performed this. It must have been just like Frozen.
- The remixes are lots of fun and enjoyable.
- The B-sides - Only A Dream, and especially THE AIR YOU BREATHE are as good as any song on this album or even Runaway Horses.
- An album with lots of problems it seems, producer issues, alcohol and drugs problems, lack of record company support, but still the songs quality shines thru, Belinda's voice is as amazing as ever, the music is as fantastic.

The packaging is very nice, comes in a thick hardcover like book. Lots of infos and stories, lyrics, details and of course Belinda Carlisle photos during this period.

Emotional Highhhhhway!!
Emotional Highhhhhway!!!
Emotional! Emotional! Emotional!

Not as good as Highway Star, 
but as good as Highway To Hell.

p.s standby for more Belinda Carlisle's avalanche.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

heh~ belinda avalanche eh?

Rafi said...

Napa dia tak buat boxset terus eh..

berteromber said...

Belinda hampir2 nak keluar dating ngan Abang Mus masa zaman So Far So Good So What...kalau dorang couple bayangkan mana rupa la lagu Belinda time tu....mesti gitar solo featuring Abang Mus...hahaha...

Adi Herman said...

Abang Mus + Belinda Carlisle = Avenged Sevenfold hahaha

Kaboi Tanduk said...

em, nice.. inlay kalau ada info2 macam ni memang best, sambil dengar lagu sambil baca apa yang dia tulis..