Thursday, October 3, 2013

fan club magazine issue 96 - Iron Maiden

Happiness....magazine number 96 of the IMFC has arrived.

the front cover and back cover looks like this..

Another great issue with lots of stories, articles, interviews and of course photos..
- Donington Park Download Festival 2013 is mentioned, more of that later
- Rod Smallwood interview is in there...I think all is anticipating whats after Maiden England final show in Chile. It would be a new landmark if they continue Maiden England in 2014 thru Japan to Australia. Something they had started back in 2012. This tour has been very successful for them everywhere I guess, especially in USA.
And again SOUTH EAST ASIA is mentioned in a Rod interview when talking about his plans for Maiden. But they are very secretive so nothing much is leaked.
Though I think its an open secret Maiden plans things possibly two years in advance, so for all we know some secret negotiations and deals are already done or on the table for this region, hopefully.

- We have lots of other things in this issue,
of course all the lucky and dedicated fans from all over the world is always in these magazines, BIFFY CLYRO guitarist is interviewed too, and the Count, Steve Harris bass tech who appears on keyboards with a mask for the song SSOASS has a nice big photo of him in action too...
not forgetting FOOTBALL, Maidonians in action and photos.

there is this awesome photo of the Spitfire when it first appeared from behind the main stage just before Doctor Doctor intro tape begins. It was really the most awesome moment.
For me, its a privilege to have been there, a World War II Spitfire flypast, what an Aces High Moment for everyone there, something that I will never forget. A dream come true. Maiden at Donington Park. Like Kerrang says it Maiden is the house band of Donington Park.

Rod was interviewed about arranging the Spitfire flypast..

I hope there will be a dvd, because it seems for Maiden only, they bring out all additional video cameras...
And there was a helicopter hovering above us for the whole show....

this is the proshot that appears on a BBC program and recorded by a fan for youtube.

time breakdown.
minute 00:00 after the Spitfire flypast straight to Phantom Of The Opera complete with all the flames, and I tell you its freaking hot!! if you're near the stage.
minute 8:00 Fear Of The Dark with an awesome audience light show
minute 15:55 Trooper and Dave Murray's solo never fail to excite me.

"When The Lights Begins To Fade, I Sometimes Feel A Little Strange, A Little Anxious In Donington Park.." 
- Bruce during FOTD.

it was drizzling, English Rain, it was wet, it was was windy, it was packed, 100,000?
but Maiden plays a show that is almost frightening in the way they performed. They are on fire... at their age and after over 30 years on top, they are bigger and more awesome than ever.


Iaryylr yylriar said...

Penerangan koleksi beserta video, memang asyik bro!

Rafi said...

Gamba last sekali tu lawa..kalo rod dah mention south east asia mintak2 kl masuk la dlm list

PC kOKak™ said...

Iron Maiden LIVE in Malaysia 2014 ?!

Ijau D. Koceng said...

kompom goldtop H dah pasang balik pickguard...

Adi Herman said...

pc kokak: biar betol? Haha

berteromber said...

Malaysia patut ada menteri macam Joko Widodo...baru la senang Maiden nak semua menteri gila Kpop...