Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I wish I can speak French (angan2 mat jenin lagi)

I wish I can speak and understand French.
Not so that I can read and understand more about interviews and reports on and by Arsene Wenger and the French players in the Arsenal team on the French websites.

Because I HAVE BEEN READING GOSSIPS AND RUMOURS, that Maiden is going to headline Hellfest 2014.
I understand Hellfest is expanding and expanding and EXPANDING in size.

I thought just like Download Festival Donington Park, and Soundwave, I can  backpack to see Maiden and other bands that I am interested in, which is basically just a few haha.
I'll spend most of my time just checking out the crowd, the atmosphere, and the drinks and food.

So I was kind of checking out stuffs on the internet, JUST IF THERE IS A BIT OF A 0.00000001% possibility, but I got problems in understanding.

I know the nearest big city is Nantes. And its possible to go there easily. But then this event is held in another place. I just want to know if its easy for me to get out of the festival area at anytime.
Download was easy to get transport back to Derby.

But I wont want to camp if possible, so how am I going to get out of the festival area every late night?
How do I get the tickets?
I undestand that MAS flights are giving good rates for Paris, so I thought 3 days of Hellfest, plus 4 days of travelling, I can skip work for like 5 or 6 days max, or even if its my long weekend off days, then even less days of taking leave.
I guess if I ever go to Paris, the only thing I want to see is their Museum. Thats all.

Kind of difficult when language is a barrier. I have less problems making plans to see Maiden play Germany, because the ticket websites are available in English, and the tickets were immediately posted me way in advance a few months, so I can basically start to save up and make plans to backpack.

Its weird on the line up of the bands so far...
this is 2014
and it would be no issue for Maiden to be slotted in somewhere on top..

and this is 2013 full line up...

Well..... I think I'll just forget about it (not!!).....BONJOUR!!!


dilabangiWORLD said...

Bonjour dep :-)
Comment allez-vous ?


Iaryylr yylriar said...

wish yang menarik, macam tajuk filem gitu!

Adi Herman said...

Wait? Death jadi headline? Ermmm...

Tupapel angle? = do u speak english?

Itu saja yg aku tahu hahah...

berteromber said...

google translate kan ada...heheh..

Carcass,Death,Iced Earth,Annihilator...pergh!!!

metal brain asylum said...

aikkk...DEATH? biar betul.. ke tribute band death yang diaggotai bekas ahli band death iaitu Death For All.? musykil

Rafi said...

2014 punya headline best2 tu..trivium je aku tak suka,pasal gitaris dia tu lebey la..