Thursday, January 10, 2013

Michael Schenker TempleOfRock LIVE IN EUROPE double cd

Got this double cd for a number of reasons

1) Michael Schenker is back again after all those horrible reports on the internet, So its like a kind of showing support haha. I mean life is full of ups and downs for most people.
2) This double cd got a truly fantastic choices of songs from different bands Michael Schenker had played. Even Ananananother Piece Of Meat and Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is included. Value for money.

3) Been a long time since I heard anything from ex-Scorpions' Herman Rarebell and Francis Buchholz and also ex-Ritchie Blackmores' Rainbow and Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force Doogie White.
4) Even Ruldoph Schenker, Jeff Scott Soto and Pete Way is on this cd on the High Voltage Festival tracks. All famous names.

my nonsensical review..

ok, total 24 songs. 2 hours.
19 songs from Tilburg Holland 2012 - mostly sung by Doogie White
5 songs (repeats of above ) from High Voltage UK 2011 - mostly sung by Michael Voss with slightly different musicians and guests like Rudolph Schenker.

so we got, (I hope I am correct, years since I listen to some of these songs)
6 songs from MSG
5 songs from UFO
2 new songs from Temple Of Rock
6 songs from the Scorpions - ok, Michael Schenker was not involved at all for Scorpions' Rock You Like A Hurricane and Blackout, but Francis Buchholz and Herman Rarebell were and anyway these two songs are co-written by Herman Rarebell and he even lead the crowd participation part for RYLAH.

. . . .

Some of the things I notice when listening..
- William Shatner intro.. which movie was this? and straight into the  instrumental Into The Arena. Very nice..
- First time hearing the new Temple of Rock songs and one I really like is Hanging On. Very nice. Before The Devil Knows You're Dead is good too.
- Ever since I heard Armed And Ready by the Japanese rock musicians in one of the tribute to Cozy Powell cds, I cannot hear this song without imagining THAT Japanese style of singing.

- Love the part "We got Three Live Scorpions on stage" before the song Lovedrive. Herman Rarebell and Francis Buchholz were part of the Scorpions that I like so much from the late 70s to the 90s. I lost interest in Scorpions at the same time they start to leave and Scorpions went downhill for me then. And the songwritting is affected too without Herman??

- Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - woooohooooooo.
- Doogie White and Michael Voss are great singers so although most of these songs are not theirs, but it still sound good.
- I like Doogie White's accent.

- Holiday is nice Michael Schenker style.
- Rock Bottom is about 11 mins long..
- On And On intro is nice. And of course as usual Doctor Doctor intro's too.(((Maiden!!))(((Maiden!!))((Maiden!!))((Maiden!!))((Maiden!!)).(((Maiden!!))(((Maiden!!))((Maiden!!))((Maiden!!))((Maiden!!)).(((Maiden!!))(((Maiden!!))((Maiden!!))((Maiden!!))((Maiden!!)) haha....
- I dont know why, but all the songs sounds so good, so refreshing even Coast To Coast, still exciting. The sound is clear. Worth it.
as the saying goes ROCK NEVER DIE..Rock Maintain.
Maybe next time I hope to get the DVD. I saw audience handphone recordings of High Voltage Festival on youtube, and Michael Schenker and band seems to be having so much fun on stage. It would be nice to view the official dvd.


Adi Herman said...

Jangan lupa review pasal dvd tu nanti kalau dah beli haha...nice! MSG rules!

Rafi said...

William shatner tu dulu top dengan drama series T.J Hooker cerita pasal polis tu kot

berteromber said...

aku suka gitar V pasal Michael Schenker...

lieyalatif said...

wahhh new cd in the house yeak....siap laaa 24jam dok layan heheheeeh...demi minat kan....

berteromber said...

baru terbaca kat FB tadi...hari ni harijadi ke 58 Michael Schenker rupanya...

RockSportS said...

doctor doctor please...

gayour said...

long live flying V!

gayour said...
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