Thursday, February 7, 2008

Maiden Perth (part ii) - the gig itself and the tour program

1st song Aces High.. to at last see the six of them live, with my missus by my side, its one of my biggest wildest dreams in life coming true. Continuation ( click to enlarge ) Kawan aku pernah tanya " nanti ko dapat tengok Iron Maiden, apa reaksi ko?" Aku jawab," aku akan pandang lantai je the whole show, aku takkan berasak depan stage, aku akan diri belakang ngan isteri aku je, aku cuma nak soak in the atmosphere je. Akhirnya aku ada kat Maiden gig ". Aku dah dengar Maiden dah 25tahun, sanggup buat macam2 cuma tak dapat pegi tengok dorang pasal memang tak pernah mampu, untuk bootlegs pun aku sanggup buat apa je haha, apa2 pasal Maiden aku dah absorb kat kepala hotak, so cam bleh agak how its going to be, how each song will exactly sounds like, atas pentas stage cammana, reaksi peminat, stage banters and movements, cuma tu la, aku nak soak the atmosphere yang aku at last ada kat Maiden gig. Tapi, bila show tu start je, aku terlompat2 jugak pasal happy sangat.. Followed by 2 Minutes To Midnite, by this time, I cant resist jumping up and down and singing loudly. There goes my pre-gig intentions of just looking down on the floor, just absorbing the atmosphere and holding my missus hands haha Ntah eh, crowd dalam 10,000 kot? 99.99% sold out?, pasal penuh sesak. Satu advantage kalo jadi fanclub member cam time gini, dapat beli advance ticket. Aku beli total 3 tiket -untuk better half aku dan ada sorang kawan aku pun suruh aku belikan untuk dia bulan september lepas, pasal tu jam ngah advance tiket untuk fanclub members dan pada aku realistically, Perth satu2 nye bandaraya yang paling murah (besides India ) dan ada peluang aku mampu untuk pegi nengok Maiden ( tempat lain konpem lagi mahal ). 3rd song REVELATIONS. This was THE song that makes me love anything Iron Maiden, when I was a primary five boy 25 years ago. And no, Bruce Dickinson didnt play guitar on this song like on the original World Slavery Tour. Lepas tu dah konpem tiket dah sampai kat tangan aku (by post), baru aku start kira2 budget, bulan januari lepas kumpul duit agak2 cukup, so baru buat trip arrangement. Kalo tu hari duit tak cukup, duk rumah je la. Tiket konsert aku dah ingat nak frame je kalo tak dapat pegi tu hari ( tiket gold , satu $150AUS tapi its Maiden pe ). Opener Lauren Harris band performing, with the Maiden stage set hidden behind. Openers, Lauren Harris Band ( anak pompuan Steve Harris ) dan jugak Vanishing Point. Lauren Harris ni cam, rocker gitu la, cam... a bit commercial and trendy gitu la. Gitarist dia ada sikit2 cam Zakk Wylde je pada aku la hahaa. Vanishing Point ada lagu best jugak. So lepas bukak2 opening bands nye stage set, dah jadi gini.. Then on with the show, its hard to describe my feelings then. Surrounded by thousands of Maiden fans, and ramai memang nampak hardcore, pasal aku tahu this Perth gig ramai dari worldwide datang. Macam2 bendera dari berbagai negara. Originally, Perth gig ni ialah Opening Night of the tour ( until Mumbai India announced ), so fokus peminat Maiden satu dunia was on this gig. And I was there. Better half aku ada sama, dan paling best aku tak tahu setlist. So tak tahu setlist buatkan aku makin suspense. Tapi tu la, ntah tak bleh nak cakap apa perasaan aku time ni show nak kat start. Then lagu Doctor Doctor UFO pun start kat speakers. Ni kalo korang tak tahu, Maiden gunakan lagu ni sebagai show introduction untuk past few tours aku rasa. Terus... Jumbo screens kat kiri kanan stage main Perang Dunia Kedua nye clips kapalterbang2 berperang dan.. Churchill's Speech - We Shall Go On To The End, We Shall Fight In France, We Shall On The Seas And Oceans...bla bla bla.. 4th song THE TROOPER!!! With Bruce wearing the costume, with the flag waving and everything... Setlist dia cam gini Intro - Churchill's Speech, 'Aces High', '2 Minutes To Midnight', 'Revelations', 'The Trooper', 'Wasted Years', 'The Number Of The Beast', 'Run To The Hills', 'Rime Of The Ancient Mariner', 'Powerslave', 'Heaven Can Wait', 'Can I Play With Madness?', 'Fear Of The Dark', 'Iron Maiden'. Encore: 'Moonchild', 'The Clairvoyant', 'Hallowed Be Thy Name'. 5th song was Wasted Years, what a surprise. I always think they are going to play a song written by Adrian Smith from that era, but I thought it would be Stranger In A Strange Land. Beb, bila Steve Harris gedegang bass dia before gitar solo masa lagu ni, oooooooooohhhhh....undescribable feeling beb. This photo is by my missus. She took better handphone pics anyway haha. 6th song The Number Of The Beast, and I thought what is happening, for once, please drop this song. But still, the pyro was nice. And nope, Bruce didnt carry Dave Murray on his shoulder like on LAD haha. I know its been a long time, but wouldnt it be nice if Bruce carries Dave again? 7th song Run To The Hills. Yes, its my virgin Maiden gig, yes.. Maiden can play My Grandfather Clock or other nursery rhymes and I would still treat it as the best show in the world, but Run To The Hills?? What the hell is this overplayed song doing here? If they want to do a non 84-88 song, then why not Killers haha. That would be a big surprise. But seriously, this pop hit song is overplayed. Bruce introduce the next song by saying " I am going to introduce this song the way I introduce it at Long Beach Arena - THIS IS WHAT NOT TO DO WHEN A BIRD SHITS ON YOU! The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner ". 8th song was The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, and the stage set was the most beautiful for me. ooo Bruce wear a cool costume for this song. 9th song, Bruce wear the mask, sort of like the one he wore for the World Slavery Tour. His appearance on stage was the same, he sang backstage first and rises to the stage with the burning fires coming from the throes of hell HAHAHAHAHAHA ( evil laughter ). - This is just to make those people reading this who still thinks Maiden are satanic feels comfortable. ( wink wink ). 10th song Heaven Can Wait. Anguish, crushed, dissapointment, sadness, sorrow.. Why? Because I took part in the contest to be on stage to sing the " oooh oh oh " of this song and I didnt win it. To see the contest winners on stage beaming with happiness. ARGGHH!!. Never mind, maybe next time LOL!!! But I hope I was loud enough for that " waiiittttt...waiiittttt " singalong 11th song Can I Play With Madness. Bruce said something about never before writting a song like this one. "A one a two a one two three four" and I join the start loudly and passionately hehe. 12th song, Bruce didnt say any introduction, and when Nicko McBrain counts at the start of the song and the band starts, I cant believe it. I think I jump the highest I ever jumped when it registered on my me that they are playing FEAR OF THE DARK. Magic!! This is one song that for me will never be out of place although I do know some fans are not happy that this song is inside the setlist 13th song, Iron Maiden. ah..the song that signals the main show is ending. I was hoping for the huge Eddie peering from behind but we got the gigantic walk on Eddie. The cyborg one. My missus loves it. Encore - Those of you who watch football at Kallang Stadium, you know it when the whole 50,000 fans stamped on the concrete stands and make that awesome stampading sound? Thats what happen when the fans on the seats start doing that. Fantastic isnt it? The camaderie among Maiden fans at this gig was magnificient. 14th song. This is funny. When the band reappears. Dave Murray had an additional accoustic guitar set up for him. And I was thinking what song could this be? Then Bruce starts the introduction of Janick Gers, Adrian Smith, Steve Harris, Nicko McBrain ( wanted by Police in many countries LOL!! ) and he introduce Dave last by standing besides him. I still have no idea what song requires that setting. Then its...Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Ways to Win, Seven Holy Paths To Hell, And Your Trips Begin.. ARGGGHH!! I really hope they play Moonchild and they did. So that accoustic was for just Dave and Bruce to do the intro together. The only time they played this song was for the 1988 Seventh Tour and at that time, this song was the 1st song and they used a recorded version for the accoustic intro. I was so happy la. Moonchild is a song that grows on me as I grow older hehe. Taken from the jumbo screen at the sides of the stage. 15th song was Clairvoyant. A nice live song. 16th and final song was Hallowed Be Thy Name. And thats it. A night I will never forget. Maybe in another time I will see Maiden again live? Maybe not. But, this is sort of like a closure to me. Nothing will beat this moment. I have seen Iron Maiden live. You just got to believe. Sometimes, dreams do come true for all of us. lupa lak, ni Tour Programme untuk 1st leg Somewhere Back In Time 2008. $15AUS. Aku ada cakap tak tshirt Maiden Australia yang aku post gambo kat blog lepas tu satu $50AUS. Cekik darah eh. Maiden nye pasal hehehe.. Up the Irons

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