Friday, March 28, 2008

Factory pressed bootlegs of long ago..

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Ku dihalaman rindu kejap k. Imbas kembali zaman sebelum wujud pc, internet, dan cd-burner.

Ni post membawa kita ke suatu masa dahulu, awal tahun 1990an, waktu tu cakera padat mula popular, pelan2 ambik alih kaset tape.
Sapa yang muda2 baca blog ni, korang kena ingat zaman tu, takde internet, takde komputer.

In the early 1990s, when compact disc start to become popular, home computers, internet, cd burners , cdrs are still unheard of. Fortunately, the advance of cds result in productions of live recordings of fantastic bands, with lavish packaging too.
These are some Maiden factory pressed bootlegs of that era up to the mid 90s which I manage to salvage and rescue from my mostly dusty, fungus infected collection.

Aku rasa aku pertama kali lungsur internet mungkin tahun 1997? Zaman tu ialah zaman 28.8kbps or something like that. Yang modem besar tu. Aku mula guna broadband aku rasa tahun 2000 kot.

Kemunculan compact disc tahun2 awal 1990an membawa dimensi baru untuk aku. Akhirnye, aku dapat dengar dan kumpul seberapa banyak Iron Maiden dan jugak band2 lain punye bootlegs yang pressed on cd.

An example of the packaging. Some recordings are soundboard source as this one, so you can see the grading given on the back cover.
Extra information - The Sweden gig is the recording from which most Blaze era Bsides are taken from for Maiden's releases. And that infamous Scotland gig where Blaze screwed up Fortunes Of War big time, and if I am there, i will be joining in jeering him. Blaze got problems with remembering lyrics and he cant do that when fronting Maiden because the fans knows the lyrics inside out.

Korang kena ingat, zaman tu takde komputer lagi untuk man on the street. Tak wujud perkataan CD Burner, dan tak wujud CDR.

Jadi, bootlegs semua nak dapat, kita kena carik factory pressings, ngan syarikat2 macam KTS ( Kiss The Stone ) dan OXY antara popular untuk muzik genre Metal.
Apa aku tahu syarikat2 ni semua kat Italy, pasal seems kat Italy tu jam, ada protection untuk bootlegging kot hahaha.

This is one of my favourites in my collection. The bootleg was entitled Purgatory - Nagoya Japan May 23rd 1981. I bought this cd in the early 90s after saving up for quite some time. Because back then, I dont have any live versions of how early Maiden with Paul Di'anno & Clive Burr sounds. To hear Strange World live for the first time when I listen to this cd, was a magical moment.
Anyway, check out this bootleg of this night ( I dont really checked it out but isnt it the same night Maiden Japan was recorded? ), anyway, the EYO! YO ! YO! YO!! of Drifter on this gig is the most heavenly of all Drifters singalong with the audience ever!!

Factory pressed bootlegs ni popular, sampai tahun2 akhir 1990an, lepas tu, orang dah mula kenal apa tu komputer, apa tu internet ( walau mula2 ialah 28.8kbps nye speed, tu jam takde such thing as Broadband k ) dan jugak cd burner.
Dengan ini, pengumpul2 live recordings dah masuk dimensi baru untuk expand koleksi dorang.

Untuk aku, its a big regret, aku let go quite a number of my bootlegs yang factory pressing. Pass sana pass sini, semua tak datang balik ekeke. 'Metallica totally destroy Canada'. Kalau ada lagi kat kedai bootleg ni, ngan pressing kaler merah tu, aku akan beli lagi sekali. Soundboard best sangat bunyi rekoding dia.

I dont know much about this interview cd, but its beautifully cut to shaped. And its numbered as #50. So I guess it should be limited.

Dan jugak, at that time, masih sekolah, impossible nak beli banyak2, so banyak terlepas..
tapi aku ada Kings Of Twilight Zone Boxset triple cd, walaupun kotak dia dah hilang haha.
Nak kena susun baik2 la apa yang masih tinggal...

The Kings Of Twilight Zone triple CD, comes with a lavish color booklet. Little stories of each song, where they were recorded, what is the significant of that era, and lots of little snippets. Check out that specific track " Caught Somewhere In Time - Extended demo " those were the days...


BENTARA said...

fuh dahsat...

harap dapat review one by one secara bersiri... kalau larat le heheh

deaf_angel said...

nak kena kumpul susun semua dulu hehehe.
berserak ler

Melanie said...

Hi there!

great article about some of the Maiden Boots in your collection.. nice to see some that are in my collection ,too...:-)

Many greetings from germany

Up the Irons!

deaf-angel said...

Hi Melanie.

Its an honour someone far away had stumbled on my blog.
Anyway, you got a contact email or something?
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