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review - Paul Di'anno The Classics: The Maiden Years

(Nak dekat dua tahun dah cd ni. Tu jam bila diumumkan je, kelam kabut rush advance order, pasal janjinye 150 keping aje worldwide. Kemudian ada Jepun nye pressing, tapi kaler putih, gambo cover pun lain. Jadi mungkin betul kot yang merah ni cuma 150 keping je satu dunia, I have no idea.)

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150 copies only.
That was the promise when the announcement was made for this cd. I guess so because although I knew there is a Japanese print out there, but it has a different front cover while the one that I have is red.
So I guess, maybe I do have one of the 150 copies out there.

Title The Classics - The Maiden Years
Released 2006
Catalog number 060070 710365 (Wild World Production)
Format CD
Notes New 48 track digital studio recordings - 150 copies
Line Up
Paul Di'Anno - Vocals
Mikale Fassberg, Carlo Micheletti, Staffan Osterlind, Antonio Amante, Lea Hart, Bill Liesgang - Guitars
Matteo Panzavolta, Andreas Grufstedt - Bass Guitar
Gianfuca Calanca, Johan Nelgesson, Pete Jupp - Drums

The spectacular tracklist from the early days being sung again by the original singer with modern production-

Strange World
Charlotte The Harlot
Murders In The Rue Morgue
Running Free
Remember Tomorrow
Phantom Of The Opera
Women In Uniform
Iron Maiden

Every single song a classic, and every single song performed for this album is for me a perfect 10.

This is one of the rare questions posed to Paul Di'anno regarding this special release at that time -
Rock N Roll Universe: Also recently you put out "The Classics: The Iron Maiden Years", which consists of 12 re recorded versions of songs culled from the first two IRON MAIDEN albums. Now, there are some "fans" who have been very critical of this release, saying that you're still trading upon past glories by recording versions of songs you originally recorded over 25 years ago. What led you to the decision to put out the album, and what is your response to someone who might feel that way?

Paul Di'Anno: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I've always thought the first MAIDEN album sounded awful (I know Steve [Harris] agrees with me), and I wanted to update the songs a bit. I'm hardly making any money of it, so it's not like I rip anyone off.

My opinion of this release is its just fantastic. Paul Di'anno with his backing musicians really made this a special one.

I enjoy all the songs, this is a type of cd that I will just play from start to finish all the time without having to skip any track.
" Women in Uniform " is included and I have never enjoyed this song so much before.

The songs sounds so familiar, but at the same it sounds so refreshing. Maybe because of the new production. Paul vocals is fantastic in both the fast and slow songs.
" Strange World " is such a beauty on this album.

I guess many of the songs here were written with Paul's vocals in mind, and rightly so. We all enjoy Bruce ( and Blaze ) renditions of the songs on the first two albums, but Paul still rules when it come these songs.
I read somewhere ( I forgot from where ) that Steve Harris was asked who among the three sings " Iron Maiden " best, and of course, its Paul.

Looking at Paul's childhood photos it remind me of a Get Fuzzy strip, where Rob and Satchel were looking at Bucky's baby photos and he said something like " He was so cute then, what the #!%* happened? "

Up The Irons.

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official bootleg ke apa ni? Ingatkan bootleg, tapi camana pulak ada gambar dia masa budak2? Ropa-ropanya dia sendiri yang rilis. Padan la.