Saturday, April 12, 2008

Japanese Heavy Metal Army

( photoshoot and review of how the Japanese edition of the year 1981 Iron Maiden's Maiden Japan EP looks like and its content ( minus the obi wan kenobi strip which I dont have as I dont know how many times the vinyl pass ownership before I got it haha ).

The Japanese do not have the right proper translation for Maiden Japan so the Japanese release was renamed Heavy Metal Army instead.

During that time, only Japanese vinyl pressing got this name Heavy Metal Japan ( I have never heard or seen any photo of a Heavy Metal Army cassette tape so I wont know ), while the rest of the world got it as Maiden Japan ( which I understand was also released on cassette tape back in 1981. In fact, I remember during my school day, my friend has the cassette tape version, though I doubt its an EMI original haha ).

This is a photo taken from the 1st Ten Years series which content I had reviewed quite long ago. So I wont review the album tracks again.

This is how the back cover looks like.

Japanese notes, lyrics, infos and black and white photos.

If only I can get my hands on that Venezuela pressing of Eddie using an axe to cut off Paul Di'anno head. ( Once in a while, someone will let go of it but the prices of Maiden stuffs are increasing at an obscene rate, and I just cant afford them anymore.)
The rest of the world did not have that one as Rod Smallwood had all the pressings destroyed so as not to hurt Paul although at that the rumours and gossips were talking about Maiden getting a new singer to replace Paul. Rod asked Derek Riggs to draw a new Eddie hurriedly and that is how we all get Eddie with a Samurai and his not so pretty blue jeans with black shadows.


BENTARA said...

aku baca somewhere yang Venezula punya versi tu dalam kategori melampau2 mahal harganya dan extremely rare... huhuhuhu... nak bergolok gadai ke? Itupun kalau jumpa la...

deaf_angel said...

tak salah aku, ada 25,000 ribu yang venezuela artwork tu. Or is it 2,500 aku dah lupa. Yang british print aku ada baca, tak semua Rod Smallwood dapat destroy. Ada orang dapat simpan few copies .