Monday, May 5, 2008


continuing saga of older( some I think I shared before? ) and newer different collection of photos I took during my therapeutic ~_^ visits to the singapore mandai zoo and this time lets take a look at one of the animals that I love so dearly. Tapi aku tak reti nak ambik pasal dorang dah la kecik, jauh lagi, asyik bergerak je. Gambo semua teruk.

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I am not really happy with my "pathetic ross halfin wannabe" meerkat photos actually. There was once I went to the zoo on a rainy day, and after waiting a long time, not even a single meerkat was in sight. Hampa siot wa. I hope to get some nicer shots of them the next time.

I first discovered the Meerkats when I was reading one of the issues (sept 2002) of old discarded National Geographic Magazines which were sold for 50cents to a dollar each at Sungei Road & also Bras Basah Complex.

50sen siak apek sungei road jual untuk majalah power cam gini, best kan. Tapi kena selalu gi cek la.

I was engrossed siak reading. These are fascinating creatures who live a beautiful but thrilling life in the wild. So then I realised Mandai Zoo have these creatures, I checked them out and it was love at first sight.

So, I try to learn more about them from magazines and the internet.
There is a TV documentary show called the Meerkat Manor?
I didnt have the opportunity to catch it. Wasted eh.

Dorang cam cute gitu eh. Tapi fighter siot. Dorang ramai2 bleh lawan ngan anjing liar africa ke hapa ntah. Terror eh.
Tapi dorang jugak very caring gitu. Majalah National Geographic cakap, dorang eh perangai cam perangai manusia di hari manusia tu paling baik hati hehe.

Cakap pasal majalah National Geographic ni kan, kalo korang macam aku, minat baca pasal best kan baca pasal kehidupan manusia, binatang2, sejarah2, gambar2 pun semua cantik2, tapi kan, tak yah beli baru nye yang kat kedai, tu semua mahal siak. Mana nak cekau duit.

Korang gi bras basah complex tingkat tiga-empat, ni semua banyak old stock jual 50sen-$1 je. Kat Sungei Road, satu longgok korang tawar ah $5 ke hapa ke bawak balik semua. Kalo kat KL, korang gi Bukit Bintang apa tu? Sungei Wang? Ah yang kedai mamak tu row Famous Amos tu, korang nengok kat situ pun jual longgok kot lama2 nye. Tapi tak tahu murah ke tak.

I still kept that September 2002 issue with the Meerkat cover and I just cannot resist taking the magazine photos together with two Maiden vinyls with war and bravery themes. Because I think the Meerkats do not lacked these two values :-)

Lawa kan.. Kalo la aku bleh ambik gambo cam gini... Best nye. Tangan goyang ah nak2 kalo aku zoom terus blur. Tunggu tukar kamera dulu kot? ekekeke. Lambat ler. Banyak benda lain aku pun mengidam.... ekekeke.

Loving2 gitu kan.

So next time you all go to the zoo, or catch some animal documentaries on tv, astro or scv or go to the library to sleep and catch aircon ekekeke, do check out the Meerkats k.


carvedijan said...

Timon= meerkat paling popular didunia...never get bored with the movie though

deaf_angel said...

ni lion king familiar je

eh jan...aku nak buku wings je ok ke, tshirt nanti aku bukan nye muat wakakaka...