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No More Lies EP & Promo

So pelan2 susun koleksi aku..jumpa balik promo dan EP No More Lies ngah kumpul habuk. So dengar balik sambil type blog ni cakap omputeh.
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This is my photo shoot and review of Iron Maiden's No More Lies Promo CD and also the souvenir EP released March 2004. I still remember those times as it was yesterday..A period where I badly lost control of the nerves on my left hand fingers for quite some time.

Lets begin with the EP boxset. From this photo the content are

- full color 12 pages booklet
- cd
- maiden wrist band or whatever its called

The tracks on the cd are
1. No More Lies
2. Paschendale ( Orchestral Version )
3. Journeyman ( Electrical Version ).....silence.....silence...[after 6 minutes that entertaining hidden track appears]..Age Of Innocence featuring Nicko McBrain on vocals.
4. No More Lies ( video enhanced )

Firstly, I dont like that No More Lies was chosen as an EP release. If they would want a longer song and not a Montseguer.. I would rather prefer the song Dance Of Death or even Paschandale.
But still, Maiden can practically release anything and loyal peasants like me worldwide would starve, scrimp and save so we can buy them :-)

The reason this strictly limited edition Dance Of Death souvenir EP was released is stated in the booklet. Maybe, just maybe, Maiden do and will continue to have the greatest, most supportive and loyal fans worldwide that the music industry has ever known.
( Click the photo below to read it )

So a track by track opinion.

1. No More Lies is as what it is on the Dance Of Death album.
Maybe one day, I will write a DOD era review. Like I said, I dont really like this song that much, except for the "they are dancing at my table" part which gives me shivers.

2. Paschendale (Orchestral version).
Nice song, but I dont know why must they create an orchestral version for this song as the album version is already so spectacular.
However, every time the song hits the 4:41 minute mark, when H has all the spotlights on him, brings me much joy.

3. Journeyman (Electrical version).
I prefer this version. That accoustic version on the DOD album makes a nice dreamy ending to what is for me an inconsistent album.
And for them to play the song accoustically live as the first encore, after each member introduction, and Bruce saying that Maiden will continue and their journey is not completed yet is nice, but I think I prefer the Electrical version better.
/It makes the song more grandeur and lift my spirits higher./
Anyway, it seems its H who does all that guitar solos quitely at the background all thru the song.

4. Age Of Innocence HOW OLD?( with Nicko McBrain on vocals )
Its not stated anywhere on the package.. He dont even identify himself.. But Maiden fans will know that its him.. Nicko McBrain..We all miss his humour and natural gift to entertain people which was plain to hear on the First Ten Years "not a lot of people know that" releases.
Nicko is the Craziest drummer in the world after Animal from the Muppet Show. And ooo I love Animal..he's a puppet, but a superb drumming puppet. Maybe one day I am going to blog about Animal.. The Muppet Show is something I enjoy when I grew up a young kid, and I was always fascinated with their hairy buldging eyed maniac drummer.

The song begins with him having a good giggle..and this is some transcript I did while listening to this hilarious version of an exciting song..

Wrong lyrics...and the most funniest is he keep losing track of where he is on the song and ends up confused. I dont think this was done on purpose. Its just Nicko.
Thats why Maiden fans love him so...and he always have the longest cheers for every band members introduction at every gig.

" HA HA HA HA...oo they got the music to go with it..thats lovely..

( He did well at starting..with his own style of singing ...until he starts to lose track of the song )

I lost me place, I dont know where I'm going.

Guitar solo coming...
Come on Davey duck, give me some...

when davey plays that giutar there is no innoncence in there..dii dii dii..di wa wa..di di di.( humming along with the guitar solos )...
I love you, yes i do..this is a bit funky lad..oo yes..oo hang on a minute I think I am suppose to be singing here..OH NO!! thats the bridge ..

oo what comes after that? is there another verse? maybe not. oh dear!! I suppose to be singing here. ( Lost track again ) I suppose to know this tune, thats what they told me last nite Gibberish..

HOW OLD? gibberish.. you boys and girls you dont really know whats going on do you? well that makes two of us..I think we're at the end of the tune?

oo this is a nice guitar part..
refrain lads refrain..stop what you're doing, yes put that woman down..maybe not

well its been a pleasure..hope it was fun for you as it was for me....

( wouldnt be that bad if I knew the bloody tune wouldnt it? )

Listening to this song each time, makes me smile always.

So thats it, my review of each track..
The booklet itself have lots of photos...and overall the package for this EP is a good one for all Maiden fans to have.

Moving on to the promo of the EP No More Lies..

All blue, from the packaging to the cd itself..always remind of that Phil Collins song A Groovy Kind Of Love..
You know.. the " When I'm feeling blue all I have to do is to take a look at you and then I'm not so blue.. When I kiss your lips ooo it makes me shiver cant control this quivering inside " song.
and also reminds me of X Japan's Blue Blood artwork.

So thats about it this time..

ooo I nearly forgot, that enhanced video on the EP features the live video recording from Maiden's show at Dortmund ( the Dance of Death DVD was recorded on the same night with the same cameras ). Though the song itself is not seems live. But I never bother because I mostly skip the enhanced parts of Maiden releases.

n your life you may choose desolation
And the shadows you build with your hands
If you turn to the light, that is burning in the night
Then your Journeyman's day has begun
I know what I want, I say what I want
And no one can take it away.

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