Wednesday, December 13, 2006

asal usul Eddie: mascot Iron Maiden

Sapa tak tahu Eddie tu sapa kan?
Pencipta dia si Derek Riggs ni kan kalo kena tanya mana dia dapat idea gambaran Eddie, dia cakap dia pernah nampak gambar satu kepala askar dah reput gitu, diletak atas kereta kebal masa perang Vietnam dulu.
Mungkin sojer Vietnam atas kereta kebal Amerika, atau sojer Amerika atas kereta kebal Vietnam. Anyway, ni gambo dia...

Check out this image, which is supposedly the one that inspired Derek Riggs to draw Eddie! Be advised, contains strong graphic elements.

The image below is supposed to be one of two scenarios;

A Vietnamese head on an American tank, or...
An American head on a Vietnamese tank.
Riggs talked about this photo in 12 Wasted Years and claimed he believed it was an attempt by the American government to gain sympathy through propaganda. Regardless of why the picture was originally taken though, it isn't hard to see the links to the result - Eddie.

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