Saturday, June 28, 2008

southern ridges ( part iii ) - Forest Walk

I like this one..

Continuation of my Southern Ridges stroll.
This is the Forest Walk segement. Very nice.
Here are the photos..( as usual click all photos to enlarge )

The beginning if you are from the Henderson Waves side or the end if you are from the Alexandra Rd side.

My first view..
I thought it will be something like the Leftenan Adnan battleground Canopy Walk or the Macritchie Reservoir Tree Top Walk, but its so much longer I think..

Then I glanced down..very impressive..

As usual, can see lots of things including the sea..

If you dont like to use the sloping walkway, stairs are provided at some parts.

as per normal,
no open fire, no cycling, no feeding of monkeys ( again I didnt see any monkeys that day ), and no catching of insects

The walkway cuts through the forest, so that makes it nice.

At night especially, got snakes or not?

Like I say its really a great place to go, somemore its free.

I hope this place remains unpopular because once everyone comes in, there will be lots of noises, uncivillised behaviour not suitable for these type of place, and littering.

To be continued..

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