Sunday, June 8, 2008

metal hammer july 2008

cam aku cakap, aku jarang beli majalah omputeh tapi kadang2 jarang2 aku tangkap satu.
This is the latest issue of Metal Hammer for July 2008.
It comes with a free cd.

The cover and the free cd cover looks like this.

click all photos to enlarge.

These are the pages on Maiden... seems the reporter get to ride the Ed Force One for the South American Leg.

Some nice interviews, about the setlist and much more.
I like this type of articles which consist on what the reporter saw and as much latest interviews with each band member. Not some kindergaten introduction to the band.

I really like the way the reporter compares Maiden with Rolling Stones and U2, and saying even these two bands cant do what Maiden does. Playing stadiums every two nights.
The other one - GnR, ACDC, Backstreet Boyss..oppss sorry Metallica may be the giants of rock, but next to Maiden they dont even come close. Thats nice.

There are lots of nice articles in this issue, worth reading even though I dont know many of the bands haha. Ooo Dragonforce please come again. I enjoyed your show the last time around.

And some good writing on the history of peace sells...

the cd..
ah at last I got to listen a song from the new Judas Priest album.
ooo Paradise Lost is inside here...Say Just Words ( live )....
and lots of other songs that is ok la..i like..


BENTARA said...

July 2008? Belum July lagi ni...

ini mag gerenti ada jual sini. Gua pastikan gua beli.

deaf_angel said...

dah kat kinokuniya orchard dah berapa hari dah..
tapi kedai lain belum ada lagi..

giler ah supply majalah2 jenis rock...tak constant. lain kedai lain timing,