Thursday, June 19, 2008

southern ridges ( part i ) - Henderson Waves

ini jembatan kayu..

Kadang2, kita semua suka syok sendiri. So this is mine sambil wa sahut seruan New Straits Times untuk speaking london. Korang dah nengok iklan NST kat tv Malaysia? yang budak2 tu dalam bas jawab awek mat salleh tu? siak ah, National Monument sua jadi rumah makcik Maimon ke hapa ntah. Lepak sey. Serious bebual, iklan2 tv Malaysia seribu kali bagus dari Singapura nye, atau is it aku jarang betul nengok tv Singapore? oppss. Tapi apa pun, its good to learn proper English, regardless of our education level, job description or lack of both hehe.

Click All Photos To Enlarge. Hope you enjoy them although its very amateur, especially for those who havent got a chance to visit this beautiful place yet.

Photos of my trip to the Southern Ridges. The total length of the whole links of hills, forest, gardens, parks and brigdes is about 9km. I did walk a bit, but not the whole length at one go of course. Some of them I had visited before like the leftenan Adnan punye tempat perang, but I would like to visit Reflections On Bukit Chandu again and of course the rest ...soon.

The Henderson Waves is not the beginning or ending point of the Southern Ridges trail, but I pick it as my starting point during my trip.
How I reach there?
I take MRT to Redhill then I took bus no 145. Its about 8 bus stops away, you all wait until you see the bridge then you all alight ok?
But, you all also can take from Vivocity also can. Actually got a lot of ways la if you all are taking public transport ok.

There is another path leading to the other side called the Marang Trail and the cable car area.
And also, there are warnings to avoid this place during bad weather, I believed this is due to lightning ( petir/kilat ) factors as the Southern Ridges are all on high ground.

Like what I described beforehand, these are some guides and infos on what the Southern Ridges are all about at the start of the Henderson Waves.

Seriously speaking, that one on the bottom right corner is one of the best historical places in Singapore. But, not many people knows about it I guess. Its the area where Leftenan Adnan and the Malay Regiment battle the Japanese during World War II and for those who are interested in this event, its THE place to go with the museum and everything.

from this photo, you can gauge the height of this bridge, about above the height of the Telok Blangah hdb flats. ( The last time I think I mentioned Telok Blangah was for the Kerajaan Johor's Masjid Temenggong photos. Its been a long time since I syok sendiri about mosques which have their own stories to tell isnt it? , maybe next time, insyallah. )

If you notice the curvy roofy thingys? Well, surprise, they have wooden benches built into them.

As you can see ( from far, as not to attract unnecessary attention to yours truly ), a Malay family is having a nice afternoon enjoying themselves.

The view, you can see the sea..kejap wa nak send long distance dedication lagu Ozzy osbourne kejap -
Sitting By The Ocean
Mapping Out My Plans Of Action
Baby, They includes You.
Serious bebual wa ngah touch siak skarang, wa ngah dengar cd Wings & Superfriends pt2 ( nanti wa review ), tengah lagu Dari Tuhan, Wings ngan A.Romzi. Lagu ni very the menginsafkan. Dah tu lagu Alam Barzakh lak, ada Amy Search, Ramli Sarip, Mus May, lagik, siap ada part lirik omputeh lagik... Seram... I like.

Can you spot the Chinook up in the air? I think too small ah but you click on photo see how? can or not? I dont know about Military stuffs, but I always think the Chinook is a very stylo mylo helicopter and easily identifiable.

So lets continue with the Henderson Waves shall we? photos from different angles.

And it makes me wonder..
The bridge uses timber, so isnt it easily flammable? Will it wear out faster in the hot sun and rainy weather? Surely all these were taken into account when building this bridge. Must be some good wood ah? Rocco kot? hehe. Anyway, there are signages not to smoke, and not to start any fire.

Its very nice somemore... its for all of us... I can see the apeks and nyonyas dating haha.

aku suka. lawa.

maximum optical zoom session. Anyway, I use my 2ndhand beloved FZ30 for this shots. Bila main zoom optical je, terus goyang. Wa tak stable ah nak ambik gambo betul2. Tangan gigil huhu.

I will continue, if I have the time and the mood. More of the wonderful Southern Ridges next time k.

(Kira ni macam ceta wayang Lord Of The Rings gitu ah, ada sambung2, ni kira part one dah bis, Frodo ngan Sam ngah naik sampan seberang sungei then Aragorn, Legolas ngan si Dwarf pendek tu nak gi carik dua ekor pranksters tu kena kidnap Orcs tu.. )



zan said...

Serius dude.. If i've got a chance to pay a visit to Singapore, it is a must for u to be my tourist guide to explore Singapore dude..LOL

And I will make sure to memorize the right street to Bandar Sri Permaisuri..LOL

BENTARA said...

nice photos... ada harapan jadi Ross Halfin versi pemandangan.

deaf_angel said...


no prob..
tapi ngan aku ko kena naik BMW ok?


deaf_angel said...


no prob..
tapi ngan aku ko kena naik BMW ok?


deaf_angel said...

mm, thanks hehehe