Tuesday, June 24, 2008

southern ridges ( part ii ) - Terrace Garden

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Continuation of my Southern Ridges stroll. (A bit like a frolic in the park.) After crossing the beautiful Henderson Waves which I had described the last few days,

you will come across this nice looking relaxing park. Definitely the spot for some lazy afternoon nap.

you can choose a few paths or routes to take.

I opt to take the Terrace Garden & the Elevated Walkway paths. I hope to explore the other two directions ( plus the Marang Trail ) next time, when I'm a bit free and it must be a working weekday, when there will be very few people around :-)

Special attention is given to those on wheelchair, and of course the "dont feed the monkeys" signages are prominent. Unlike Macritchie Reservoir where there are groups of monkeys monkeying around, I didnt see any here.

Not knowing what to expect of a "terrace garden" which sounds like a sissy name, its pleasant to discover that when I reach there, I like it.

ooo before I forget, there are gents and ladies facilities plus a drinking fountain nearby. Seems like a lot of money has been spent to form up the Southern Ridges but its worth it I think as the public will love it.

One thing about Terrace Garden, get ready to climb the stairs to reach the top, but I think there is a little road for those who cant walk up. The view is worth the climb for me.

In one direction you can see all the buildings and such..

And the other..

the sea, the ships,

the cable cars.

So the next time you visit the Southern Ridges, do not skip the "terrace garden" ok? The name is not nice but the place and view is.
The group of visitors resting there are from one of the nursing homes who I am sure are enjoying themselves too.

The next time, when I am relaxing a bit and have internet access, I will talk about the elevated walkway, like the one below..,

pengsi sey jembatan ni...pada aku kan, Southern Ridges dia punye magik kat jembatan2 dia semua stylo mylo macam2 pattern dan kegunaan.


matakucing said...

ko citer pasal garden2 ni
teringat aku garden2 kat putrajaya
lama tak singgah sana

deaf_angel said...

putrajaya satu tempat yang aku tersangat nak pegi..
tapi leceh gitu aku nengok kena tukar2 bus ngan tren aku terus give up..

matakucing nanti kasi aku henpon no ko, aku kalo ahad free pagi aku inform ko aku nak gi tengok tempat yang korang smua cerita cam best giler gitu.

MindHeartBodySoul said...

Konsep yg sama di terapkan atau 'dicilok'di 2 lagi taman?
tak pasti yg mana diwujudkan dulu...

1. Langkawi Geo Park - Kilim - Burau
2. Boracay, Philiphines

ada walkway cengginilah... tapi lain bentuk tak sama.

Ciri yg sama...

1. sumer menyusuri laut.
2. long distance
3. over trees canopy...