Thursday, January 10, 2008

Helloween is coming to town..

Sapa boleh lupa album Helloween' Live In UK eh??
Is this the first time for Helloween in Japan? * NO!! *
America? * NO!! *
We've Never played here before so we dont know about you!!

At long last...walau bukan Keepers nye line up, tapi still alrite ler.

Fort Canning 24th Feb 2008
So Muzik Box? so can please Malex be opener? hohohoho.
And Helloween, Forever And One satu ler ekekekeke. Dan please main lagu How Many Tears, so kita semua bleh nyanyi Helter Skelter nye Tiada Lagi Airmata.

fikirans sey..
Dream Theater next week? tak pegi la, Octavium tour dah nengok, so Systematic Chaos tour bleh skip ler.
Toto bulan tiga? ermmm nak gi, tapi nengok priority , time and budget.
Helloween 24 Feb? errrmmmm... hehehehe.. ( cammana nak bilang ni.hik hik hik..)

All together now -
Eagle fly free
Let people see
Just make it your own way
Leave time behind
Follow the sign
Together well fly someday

happy nye........

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