Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lost Horizon' kembali..

What a way to start 2008. Happy siak aku baru baca news. Aku rasa mesti ada orang lain cam aku, happy faces beaming all over the world. Apa pun mesti photoshoot kejap \m/

One of aku nye favourite bands Lost Horizon yang aku ingat dah takde harapan lagi untuk bersama, dah nak buat new album walau penyanyi Daniel Hamien ( skarang kat satu lagi band yang aku suka- HEED ) dah takde dah... Dorang akan rakam music sambil carik new vocalist.

Aku rasa impossible nak dapat seseorang suara semerdu/semetal/sehigh pitch Daniel Hamien tapi aku really hope this band continue ler. Because they have whats important- great songs , great music , great lyrics and "uptherewithRonnieJamesDio" voice ( at least on their two albums which aku suka sangat, maybe one day aku senang aku review those two super albums ).

Aku tak paham la, banyak sangat genre heavy metal skarang, Lost Horizon classified under Power Metal? whatever... Lost Horizon is the best new band in the 21st century yang aku pernah dengar.

OFFICIAL BAND STATEMENT, 1st of January 2008

Almost five years have passed since the release of “A Flame To The Ground Beneath” and after the turbulence the band experienced. The remaining members now realize this period was necessary to regain the energy, strength, motivation and inspiration needed to continue with the unearthly creations.

Only, this time things will be done a lot different than before.

While continuing the search for the voice, which will be embraced by our music, the recording of the new material will be carried through independently of that and immediately, with start on January, 2008. All instruments will be successively fully recorded and maybe even mixed without vocals on. All skeptical or frightened by this procedure should know/be-reminded it was more or less the same case with “Awakening The World” album when Daniel’s vocals was post-mixed after the instrumental mix in Studio Fredman.

Martin, Wojtek and Christian, the founders of the band, together with Attila, who all shared the same vision and goals, are once again the core of Lost Horizon and so it will remain in the future to avoid the destructible situations of too many wills and visions coming in conflict with each other.

One Band, One Vision…
- The Lost Horizon

With this in mind we also have decided not to approach any offers of a record deal with record labels only to be cosmically ripped off, limited or controlled. We will take care of all studio and graphical matters by ourselves.

Moreover, the material is not going to be recorded all at the same time, but song by song. If the singer problem is solved relatively shortly, then the songs will be available to buy directly after each one is totally processed and ready for the world. All songs will be distributed through the website.

According to our philosophy we want to establish a direct channel between us and our fans where our music and artwork will be distributed directly from our website, supervised by Valgorth, The Apocalyptic Blaster Of Rats In Cosmic Fury, to avoid any annoying, irrelevant interference by any greedy companies making it impossible to make a living as an artist/musician unless you sell a million copies.

This will be also Your chance to join us on the path to bring back the music to the listeners and musicians, promote the music You love and make musicianship once again the beautiful art form it once was!

In faith, Lost Horizon

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