Tuesday, July 15, 2008

sakit bedek, sakit betul

aku nengok Soleha, lama tak nengok, laa...Soleha kena Multiple Sclerosis. Ni ler penyakit ex-drummer Maiden, Clive Burr tengah hadapi sekarang. Tapi si Soleha tu bedek2 je director suruh dia pengsan dalam van, Clive Burr real nye.

hari ni
aku baru perasan, ex-singer Maiden, Blaze Bailey nye isteri "is in critical condition in hospital following a dual brain hemorrhage last week and has not regained consciousness".

ni baru2 jugak dia cerita pasal isteri dia nye jasa kat dia,
In a May 2008 interview Bayley stated, "I had a lot of problems with alcohol, severe depression, almost had a breakdown at the end of [the] 'Tenth Dimension' [album cycle], fucked about by the record company, totally broke, I'd spent all my money of trying to keep the band together. I was absolutely fucked. I was just about keeping going, and then I met my wife. And she known me... We've known each other for 18 years. 20 years. We were apart for years, because I follow this passion for music, and Debbie was following her passion, she was a dancer, and then she got her own hair business, and then we met again, when I was at my lowest. My wife found me, and really made me believe again, that it wasn't all my fault, it wasn't the fact that people didn't like what I was doing, it was the fact that they didn't actually know that I was doing anything at all. So that was a big difference. So that's it. She supported it, then I had incredible support from my family, my friends, and the fans who stuck by me was just incredible. With that kind of support, and with my wife behind me, helping me sort myself out, [I got] through my drinking problems, depression and all of that."

Blaze Bailey ni one after another sey...


BENTARA said...

Blaze pun ada problem eh? Kesian. Anyway, dia punya album baru sudah rilis ke belum aku tak ingat.

deaf_angel said...

dah...seems rata2 Maiden fans suka. So mesti very the Maidenish style. Ko order dari website dia direct, smua members sign.