Thursday, July 3, 2008

southern ridges ( part iv ) - con't Forest Walk & Alexandra Arch

The last part of my Southern Ridges stroll till I go there again to check out the rest of the area.

This stretch is very serene.

( as usual click all photos to enlarge )

These are some remaining photos of the Forest Walk as it is reaching its end.

The Forest Walk has a branched-out portion which leads to an area where the public can plant a tree.

Maybe one day I want to try coming here at night, but I think this place sure 'keras' one. So maybe takpelah.

rest area shelter gitu.

The end or the beginning ( depending on which direction you are from ) of the Forest Walk portion.

please dont litter, pollute and dont waste water and energy sources.

moving on...

This is I think the Alexandra Arch. I just realise this area is the old goverment dental clinic or institute. When I was doing my full time NS, I used to come here to have my dental check up as it is so cheap. But now, I think they have move to SGH.

This bridge is curved...

I like how it looks like from below

So thats about it for the time being..
I strongly recommend all of you to take a stroll at the Southern Ridges. Its a fantastic experience and its free.
Bring lots of water to drink please, and I was there at noon, but there are lots of shades as you can see from the photos so dont worry too much about the timing.
If you take a look at the 3rd photo from bottom, there is a signage informing how far certain portions of the stretch are. But the walk will be so enjoyable and interesting that you wont feel it. So its also a good form of exercise.

k dah tu je..

Up The Irons and hopefully I can get a Maiden Heaven ori cd

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